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Vitamin E (Emotions)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

'E' is for Emotions

After the construction of the track 'Multivitamins' was finished, It was time to put the track out to the public and to hear some feedback. 'Multivitamins' was streamed live on Lovefm 103 Radio, a radio station based in Lampang, Alissa's hometown in the North of Thailand. Lovefm played a 7 minute snippet of 'Multivitamins' at 4 pm on Wednesday 3rd of June. After the track ended, Lovefm went live on their facebook page to discuss and to break down the track with Alissa. With this method, Alissa was able to hear feedback from listeners right after the track ended while listeners were having fresh memory of the track. With facebook's live commentary feature, the listener's comments were seen by Alissa and the Interviewer, Ms. Pond Ruttanachotigul in real time so both could discuss matters of feedback right away.

The livestream interview was friendly and humble, Ms. Pond warmed Alissa and the listeners with questions regarding Alissa's newest works, projects and overall life in Berlin, slyly bringing these topics back into the interview here and there to keep the listener's motivation and interest levels on the discussion of the track steady. After all focusing on one topic for a long time could be draining.

The first question Alissa and Ms. Pond discussed was in regards to the first impressions the listeners had on ghost writing in general. Many listeners mentioned that ghost writing wasn't something new to them, including Ms. Pond.

Ghost writing is a practice that probably has been used long enough but is never mentioned to protect the artist's image mentioned one listener.

Alissa further elaborated that 'Multivitamins' actually had sections that has been ghost written by her friend, Arnie and the expression of Ms. Pond changed.

"If you hadn't mentioned it, it would have been hard to tell, I didn't focus on the lyrics the entire time, it was also in English and I was busy thumping to the music", she continued.

Alissa raised a question to the listeners and asked if now, after finding out that parts of 'Multivitamins' has been ghost written, do emotions towards the track change? A moment of silence in the comment section erupted for a few minutes, almost having Ms. Pond change the topic again for a short break came a comment "I don't mind, I'd still listen, can you sing live right now?". So sweet, and Alissa later in the live stream did.

Since the feedback was lacking a bit in this department, Alissa and Ms. Pond decided to have the discussion amongst themselves, bringing up the fact that some listeners enjoyed the music regardless of what the lyrics were about, who has written them and the story behind it.

Emotions from the artist transferred from the lyrics to the listener can be successful, yet the transfer of emotional connection can be successful even without the listener relating to the message, just with the listener enjoying the projection of the artist's delivery of the melodies and the overall musical piece instead.

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