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Vitamin D (Delivery and Flow)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

'D' is for Delivery and Flow

After diving into the discussion of the listener's emotional connection with the artist's ghost written lyrics and finding out that for many listeners in the 'Multivitamins' live stream, this wasn't a huge issue that impacted their listening choices and enjoyment, Ms. Pond and Alissa have touched on the next topic without even noticing or realising it, this being 'Delivery and Flow'.

A listener can simply enjoy the music without feeling the emotional connection that comes with the lyrics an artist has written, whether this would be written for themselves or ghost written for another artist. The way the artist sings a verse, or in Alissa's case with her genre preference 'raps' using a certain flow or 'delivers' a certain melody, enjoyment and spark can be born for a listener. This was previously mentioned in the discussion of emotions, it came up naturally proving this is very likely to be the case, at least for the track 'Multivitamins'.

Alissa announced that not only the certain part that was ghost written by Arnie is lyrically affected, but also melodically, meaning Arnie wrote the lyrics and the melody for that specific part in 'Multivitamins'. Now, if the context of the lyrics doesn't matter, will the melody matter instead? Since listeners enjoyed the delivery and flow of the melody, will this opinion now change knowing the melody was also a part of the ghost writing?

Ms. Pond and Alissa discussed this in more details with one another while waiting for a feedback comment to appear. Will an artist's performance or vocal projection change, once affected by ghost writing? Reflecting on 'Multivitamins', there are sections where Alissa wrote her own lyrics and melody and chose clean, clear rapping and singing switches as her main format of delivery, whilst other parts where Arnie has written lyrics and melody for Alissa having Alissa use a different form of delivery being whispers, humming and improvised mumble rapping. Ms. Pond said that she felt as if she were listening to a new Alissa, which was refreshing. Alissa however stated that although she liked performing new styles of vocal projection and flow, she still wanted to brand her old delivery method as her main choice of technique. A new element was now introduced, being Artist Identity and its impact on ghost writing.

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