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Vitamin C (Construction)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

'C is for Construction

Aiming to create a musical piece that was highly interpretive and interactive, Alissa spent many weeks trying to come up with the best ideas for this track (Multivitamins). With hip hop and pop culture's shorter, catchier, 'straight to the point' tracks, the concept of a musical piece that was a lot longer was a challenge for her, but with peaking curiosity and an open mind, Alissa decided to build 'Multivitamins' based around the foundation of 'unfinished' elements including abrupt endings, fade outs, tempo changes, playing around with automation, a totally chaotic vibe and total oppositions of techniques. After all, Alissa wants 'Multivitamins' to be an experimental journey for both the artist and the listener.

The 15 minute track 'Multivitamins' includes Alissa's original lyrics and ghost written lyrics from Alissa's friend Arnie Sarawut. Arnie is an aspiring rapper from Thailand with passion for trap and new school hip hop. Alissa reached out to Arnie about the collaboration with a simple request:

"Write anything you feel like writing, as if this were your own track"

Arnie replied to her via text almost instantly with "It'll sound like me though, I mean, tell me what you're trying to say or I'll end up changing the entire context of your song"

"That's exactly the point", Alissa texted back.

We aimed to know how listeners would react when they listened to a track and later found out that some aspects of the track has been crafted by another artist, who was anonymous. Especially when there were lyrics the artist themselves have written to compare to, and later discuss. This documentation was interesting to assess and beneficial to study and examine for future developments in musical practices.

Alissa has always written her own lyrics and melodies for her tracks while collaborating with other producers in regards to the instrumentals. This has been an OG work Etikett Alissa has stuck with almost for her entire music career until Alissa realised that she wanted to expand her creative skills, learning to produce herself and maximise her freedom of musical expression. Currently studying Electronic Music Production in Berlin at Catalyst, Alissa has gained knowledge of production and applied this in 'Multivitamins'.

The instrumental of 'Multivitamins' was produced by Alissa except for one queue at the 10:15 minute mark where Alissa included her track "Focus" produced by her producer friend 'Ilham Maulana'. Ilham and Alissa have collaborated numerous times, while both developed a common style of sound they projected in their collaborations, being pop trap. Alissa tried to included both her own productions as well as a short glimpse of ghost production in 'Multivitamins' to again, to study listener's reacts and to use these documentations to develop her techniques for future creations.

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