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Vitamin A (Artist Identity)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

'A' is for Artist Identity.

Recently Ms. Pond and Alissa touched on the subject of delivery and flow being affected by ghost writing in the track 'Multivitamins' and naturally, the newest and last element has been Introduced, being artist identity.

We found out through the experimental pop/rap track 'Multivitamins' that listeners enjoyed the music regardless of emotional attachment in the lyrics and messages are conveying. Delivery and flow in the performance of the artist is just as important as melodies being written by Arnie (Alissa's friend and ghost writer), see Vitamin C blog) Alissa's technique of delivery changes, does her artist Identity be affected by this as well?

A question for listeners to think about, to interpret, yet not necessarily obliged to answer instantly.

If an artist's vocal performance changes due to the impact of ghost written melodies and text, is this simply a harmless change in style for the artist or betrayal of self reflection and Identity? Since this change is inflicted by the circumstances and not decided by the artist themselves.

Ms. Pond and Alissa led this into further discussion. There was no clear feedback comments received from the listeners right off the bat, but totally understandable, we wanted the listeners to explore this topic, taking all talking points brought up into consideration.

Alissa's artist Identity developed from the community she has revolved around since she grew up in Thailand. Here Alissa's Artist Statement reads:

"There has always been a fine line that distinguished characteristics of a musical element from another, which we later group these characteristics into genres. These characteristics may seem so vaguely different from each other, but astonishingly so flexible that we could merge them together and receive an element of surprise as a by product, along with a unique piece of artwork."

"I aim to create a fresh new sound, with tiny bits and portions of all the things that inspire me. This could be the smallest thing, like a certain way I pronounce a sentence, molding it into a melodic flow in my next track. The foundation of my music, or the concert block that holds my little musical home together, is a seamless switch between singing and rap vocals. As the concrete stays solid, the colour and shape of the roof, window positions and doors are ever changing, these being the continuous change in musical elements and styles introduced in my work. I merge 90s E piano synths with trap drums, 2000s bubblegum pop melodies with trendy rap bars and rock inspired instrumentals with slow RnB harmonies."

"The musical home lies on a premise with related history, growing up in Thailand I use to watch a lot of local television which showed Anime, a Japanese animated cartoon series with colourful characters singing energetic tunes while changing to cool spoken word, which I later discovered was rapping. I fancy to recreate this bubbly, cute yet bold statement of an art form, where people can continue to be inspired from the little things they come across in my tracks and apply it to their own practices, whether this is in or outside of the musical world."

Alissa explores the various sounds and genres in her practice not only in her delivery and vocal performance but also in the instrumentation of her music. Here creative niche involves change and a constant factor that does not move, being rapping and vocal switches. This is the Identity she holds and cherishes.

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