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'Multivitamins' and the Future

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Other uses for 'Multivitamins' within the music Industry

Alissa created the track 'Multivitamins' keeping unfinished elements as her main point of focus.

Alissa wanted to create a track that was specifically catered towards the research and discussion of ghost writing and the impact, which has on artist Identity. An 'imperfectly perfect' chaos was the vibe she kept in whilst developing the track throughout the months.

The track 'Multivitamins' has a goal to reflect elements of hesitation and curiosity, both for the artist and the listener, for the artist - choices to make and apply to practices, and for the listener - how the music should be perceived.

With all being said, 'Multivitamins' is a track that can still be developed and perfected further, hence being an 'imperfectly perfect' chaos. The 4 vitamins discussed and used as main talking points in the track (Vitamin C, E, D, A, read more on previous blogs) can be explored even further and beyond. Alissa touched on these points only briefly with her listeners on Lovefm Radio and with the Interviewer Ms. Pond. The feedback that has thus been received so far is still just a start, and not enough to conclude a finished summary. The truth is, people have different opinions and preferences when it comes to their listening choices and what they choose to give importance to. Alissa's audience may lean more towards the overall musical sound experience and Alissa's vocal performance, but who knows, another group of listeners else where might actually care more towards the emotional connection found in the lyrics and the story behind it. 'Multivitamins' can be a good learning resource for artists who wish to study this topic in more depth and make their own surveys. The music industry is always finding new ways to create deeper connections between listeners and artists, for instance writing tracks that are more 'hip', 'trendy' and 'relatable', for audiences. Perhaps simply finding that unique bond between lyrics, melodies stabilising emotional connections can be another way of strengthening this. Perhaps through 'Multivitamins' research a creative solution will be discovered.

Using 'Multivitamins' as a research piece can benefit the listener, the artist and these new ideas developed can also strengthen future collaborations. The track has much room left for improvement and the different take on vocals and instrumentation leaves a lot of space for feedback from different niche groups, each having a different take on the development of the track, which means new ideas and outcomes. The music industry looks forward to creative minds who have goals to change the music scene for the better, and Alissa hopes her track would impact other artists in being part of that change.

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