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Contextual Elements in "Multivitamins"

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Social, Ethical contexts and artistic Ideas and practices in "Multivitamins"

Social Contexts

The track 'Multivitamins' has been created by Alissa for the sole purpose of researching and studying listener's behaviour towards ghost writing and the impact it has on artist Identity. This falls into the social context of strategic practice, conducting the feedback, suggestions and opinions of the viewers, audience and listeners into interpretation and consideration. An artist, when creating music, artwork or anything within their creative space, is not obliged to take someone else's feedback to heart, this is a choice an artist makes purely for themselves and this falls into the pit of deciding who that work is actually dedicated to, for others to enjoy and appreciate, or for the artist themselves out of personal interest? Does one make music, for the love of making music, not caring about what anyone has to say about it, or does one make music for others? Then there is, of course, the in-between. In Alissa's case, her track 'Multivitamins' has the social purpose of gaining public knowledge and studying this behaviour to improve future tracks and developments in her music.

Ethical Contexts

One of the hottest debate topics of ghost writing has always been the morality of the subject. Is ghost writing an ethical practice in song writing? Is it considered 'cheating'? What else does an artist have to offer once the meaning behind the track is taken away? 'Multivitamins' analyses the ethical context ghost writing has on artist Identity through feedback listeners have on the track, whilst developing these practices further. The ethicality of the practice is highly subjective, and these standards are viewed differently from person to person. Alissa wanted to study a niche group of her audience to hear their take on the subject and to reflect this in her future career, hence always sticking to her traditional method of self written lyrics and melodies.

Artistic Ideas and Practices in 'Multivitamins'

A baker chooses to bake a cake depending on their chosen recipe which states the order of what ingredient to put in first. The cake will come out looking the same or slightly different reflecting on the previous choices that has been made by the baker. This is the same for music, and almost everything else in life really. The practice of song writing varies from artist to artist, like the method of production varies from producer to producer and so on. Alissa's traditional method of song writing has always been in the order of creating the instrumental track first -if not collaborate with a producer on the track-, then later composing the melody and lastly filling the melody with lyrics. In 'Multivitamins' she uses these OG practices in combination with a practice in total opposition. Having lyrics and melody she already wrote for some of her tracks and applying this onto a newly crafted instrumental track she produced. The mashup works, or does not work, is the outcome that is totally varied from listener to listener. This interesting experiment allows Alissa to improve her creative song writing tools and work outside the box.

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