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Challenges and Further Developments in 'Multivitamins'

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Technical challenges and developments discovered in 'Multivitamins'

While developing the track 'Multivitamins' Alissa came across many challenges and obstacles. The track has been drafted and planned over the course of many weeks, yet the final version of the track was abruptly changed only a week prior to the livestream and listening session on Lovefm 103.5 radio. The original track which started by being called 'Vitamin Mix' was changed a few days after the livestream when Alissa's mum, who was one of the audience in the stream suggested the name change to 'Multivitamins' instead, reflecting on the 4 types of vitamins (C,E,D and A: read more on previous blogs) that were the main points of discussion. Alissa liked the catchiness of the new title and decided to rename the musical track 'Multivitamins'.

Despite Alissa wanting the track to sound like an 'imperfectly perfect chaos', the first few drafts of 'Multivitamins' sounded a little bit too chaotic, for real.

Alissa had so many ideas and various elements she wanted to add to the track, many focuses she wanted to introduce, whether this is lyrics, melodies, instrumentation and more. The distinct differences in the musical sounds clashed, and Alissa feared this would sound 'uncomfortable' and 'uneasy' for many of her listeners who are used to her traditional clean, organised, mainstream pop/rap tracks. Also with production skills that still has lots of room left for improvement, Alissa spent 70% of her time trying to come up with a great instrumental track, while almost neglecting the the actual focus and importance of the track, which is lyrics, melodies and the relation to ghost writing. With a section in the track being one of her unreleased singles called 'Focus' produced by her producer friend 'Ilham Maulana', Alissa wanted to make an instrumental that was of similar quality and complexity, whilst being quite tough and challenging for her. This frustrated her at first, but reminded her of the concept 'imperfectly perfect chaos' that she came up with before she ever starting creating 'Multivitamins'. She decided to create the instrumental of the track at her own pace and with the knowledge she has gained so far, feeding the track with slower, grand piano elements and darker, trap vibes towards the ending of the track.

Lovefm 103.5 radio played 'Multivitamins' on their station before the facebook live stream discussion on the track started, giving an opportunity for listeners who aren't online to listen the track as well.

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