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Livestream "Multivitamins" The Mix Discussion with Alissa Janine Interviewed by Mrs. Pond Ruttanachotigul Credits: Lovefm Thailand Facebook Page

"Multivitamins"is a 15 minute pop/rap track that is an interactive experiment within itself. Combining Alissa's original song writing techniques with a total opposition, Multivitamins allows listeners to put themselves in the Alissa's shoes and decide for themselves what works, what doesn't and what they are actually staying for, the ride or the process behind it. 

Alissa has always stuck with writing her own lyrics and melodies to her tracks. Starting her music career off with very basic knowledge of music production, Alissa had mostly relied on other producers for the beat production of her tracks. Currently studying Electronic Music Production at Catalyst Berlin, Alissa is in the process of developing production skills maximising the freedom in her song writing career. 

With her main gerne being hip hop and pop, Alissa has her focus mainly on the story in her lyrics, the delivery and flow of her rap verses and the melodic emphasis of the emotions sung within the tracks. Alissa has been reached out by song writers who share the same passion and interest as her who were interested in writing lyrics and melody for her, and partaking the role of a 'ghost writer'  in a few of her tracks. Been asked about her views on this, Alissa has always been on the edge, mainly because she feared the emotional connection between her and her listeners would become superficial hence she had not experienced the true meaning behind what she is actually saying. On another note, Alissa actually enjoys collaborating with said other talented and creative lyricists, she wonders how much of an impact ghost writing will actually have towards her listeners, Alissa create "Multivitamins" where she mashes all these techniques and elements together. Alissa has produced the instrumental track for Multivitamins herself with the knowledge she has thus gained so far in regards to production while using lyrics that has been ghost written for her in the track, in combination with lyrics and melody she has written herself. Within all these new techniques combines, Multivitamins becomes an experimental track where listeners can listen and interpret the differences between ghost written lyrics and lyrics the Alissa has written, and debate with themselves whether this is an actual point worth taking note of when listening to music. 


VITAMIN C (Construction)

All about the Instrumental  production of  'Multivitamins" and the core foundation of building the track with new techniques introduced for the artist.

VITAMIN E (Emotions)

The emotional connection between the artist and the listener and the impact ghost writing has on this.


(Delivery & Flow)

The delivery and flow of the lyrics and the impact ghost writing has especially when ghost writing is performed melodically.

VITAMIN A (Artist Identity)

Finally, How artist Identity is impacted when ghost writing is introduced in one's practice.


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