Film Scoring Portfolio 

Realisation (Romantic Cue)Alissa Janine
00:00 / 01:08

a romantic cue, curated for medieval romance scenes. Has an element of hope, and develops the cue into a moment of 'Realisation'. 

Evolution (Semi Epic Cue)Alissa Janine
00:00 / 01:08

a universal cue, composed to fit many scenes that needs a manoeuvring element. 'Evolution' simply consists of strings and has abrupt unexpected melodic pattern changes. 

Long Nights (Horror Cue)Alissa Janine
00:00 / 01:07

'Uncomfortable sounds palettes and arpeggiators'. The waves of sounds have been experimented with in this cue. Picture someone being trapped in a forest and fearing the unknown.

Who is That? (Curious Romantic Cue)Alissa Janine
00:00 / 00:40

This cue consists mainly of piano keys that perform a melody that tries to narrate the story of a first time meet up between two characters.

Mock Score composed for the scene 'Come Play with us Danny' in 'The Shining'. 

Mock Score composed for the 'Hypnotising Scene' in the Apple TV Series 'Servant'. 

Artist Statement 


Growing up I have always been fascinated by sounds, or melodies in particular. Like a wave, melodies guide me through stages and moments in life, from the smallest to the most significant ones. This could be from the shortest second to the longest nights, the harmonies in my head twirl around making patterns and notes, giving me some sort of rush, and Inspiration. As vague as this may sound, this is an identity that I carry around with me wherever I go. The melodies tell me a story, and with that story I share in my music. SongWriting is something I’ve always had a passion for, and although I get excited when I craft the lyrics, composing the harmonies and melodies have always been my favourite and I look forward to that part everytime. While rapping and writing has been the love of my life since forever, I had another passion that I care for equally, and that is Film Scoring. The connection started to grow ever since I was young when my dad would sit on the piano for hours at a time, composing melodies and going to his computer right after to match a certain scene. My dad was a film composer and yes, being in the musical household inspired me immensely, although I have always been a movie fanatic as well, and add the love of being a melodic storyteller to that, the passion was born. I believe that music has the power to move emotions and narrate a story. Sometimes in some cases, even more than words. The melodies, harmonies and sounds give you, the artist and the audience the power to put oneself in the character’s shoes and become closer with the surroundings. With this thought in mind, the impact that film scoring has on the audience’s emotions are endless, and as the artist, one can only feel inspired and motivated as a result. 

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