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Alissa Janine

'BUBBLE POP' is a 4 track EP heart fully constructed and composed by Alissa Janine, dedicated to her wild explorational ideas and creative concepts between the connectivity of vocal flow, lyrical craftsmanship in combination with the search for true, Artistic Identity. 




           1. Taste to Die for


                 3. ROCKY ROAd

4. Lollipop (Freestyle Outro)

Taste to Die forAlissa Janine
00:00 / 02:22

Artistic Concept

PromisesAlissa Janine
00:00 / 01:48
Rocky RoadAlissa Janine
00:00 / 01:56
Alissa Janine - LollipopAlissa Janine
00:00 / 01:14

Track Breakdown

As an artist who has always been passionate about the involvement of audience's emotions and the connection between artistic Identity, there are many active factors that drive that initial bond. Alissa targets lyrical construction, from a song writer's point of view and from external influences such as ghost writing. Alissa also focuses on vocal flow, in genres of her field such as pop, trap and hip hop. The exchange of energy, vibes, emotions and stories from a musical piece, transferred to a listener, there has to be some sort of deeper relation to it, and with the curious question being how, is being explored by Alissa's 'Bubble Pop' EP. 'Bubble Pop' consists of 4 tracks, under the very new genre of 'Pop Trap'. With Alissa's bright, punchy melodies over RnB and Trap beats, 'Bubble Pop' brings fresh and soulful harmonies to the table, while lowkey serving explorational purposes to dive deeper into the world of Emotional Connectivity and Artistic Identity. 

All 4 tracks of 'Bubble Pop' the EP each have their own unique explorational messages and meanings behind their bars and melodies. 

Taste to Die for 

Alissa Janine - Taste to Die For
Track 1

'Taste to Die for' is a motivational pop trap track inspired by the Artist "Juice Wrld". Alissa composed the lyrics and melody herself, with the beat being produced by an Australian producer under the artist name "Black Wolf". The track starts off with a sampled intro speech saying "Give it your best shot, you'll be glad you did it", introducing the narration and foreshadowing the story in the lyrics. Alissa planned for a motivational hook, with many options later landing on "knock me down once, and I'll get up twice, money rain make a cold shoulder shake that's what I like, not a magician I can't read no minds but I'm addicted to the pain and to the hustle that's a taste I'd die for",This first hook metaphorically describes being hungry for success. The second part of the hook changes to "I'm addicted to the pain and to the thrill you're a taste I'd die for" conveniently linking an element of love and Intimacy to the story. The main focus for Alissa in this track still is the motivational message about success in life, with love and Intimacy being a side message, supporting the pop genre and relaxing the mood of the track to being more generic, and catering to a mass audience. Not to generalise because there are always exceptions, but many tracks in the genre of pop is about love. Alissa's experimental Intention of this track is to hide a main focus message, almost mask it, in small changes of lyrical word play. The flow of the lyrics and melody are still Alissa's typical type of flow, mixing pop melodic flow with short double time rap (in verse one). Alissa tries to make the lyrics simple and the flow relatively easy to sing along, this enables listeners to also find it catchier. Catchy melodies and relatable lyrics can make audiences more connected to the song, and therefore hopefully to the artist as well. 



Alissa Janine - Promises
Track 2

'Promises', track 2 of the EP starts to boss up the vibe and take the energy to a slightly amped up level, written and composed by Alissa again, with the beat produced by Beatstars icon under the artist name "Anywaywell". 'Promises' has its main focus being the flow switches in the track. Starting with a slow melodic pop flow similar to 'Taste to Die for', Promises changes vocal projection instantly when the bridge kicks in, to a hip hop flow with rap adlibs. When the verse comes in, the pop sounding melody returns, again with minor flow changes to hip hop again, and so on. The lyrics in the track are heavily influenced by a mix of generic pop and hip hop elements, with Alissa trying to win over listeners from both genres. This could be the strength of the track, but at the same time can be a weakness, as audiences can become confused as to what the true genre the track belongs to. Keeping. this in mind, Alissa strives to find a balance and experiments with the track.

Rocky Road

Track 3
Alissa Janine - Rocky Road

'Rocky Road' is an RnB track lyrically written and melodically composed by Alissa Janine, produced by a French Producer under the artist name "Juiicy". Alissa chose vocal styling and flow inspired by talented female RnB artists such as Tinashe, Ciara and Tommy Genesis. The flirty, playful and girly yet subtly chill flow makes the track sound laidback and simple, perfect for listening on long car trips and meet up sessions with friends on a chill night out. The experimental aspect of this track is the connection between artistic Identity and audience's emotions Impacted by a change of flow used by Alissa. The flow Alissa chose in this track is a type of flow Alissa rarely uses in her music, an opposition to her more aggressive, double time rap vocals, not emphasising on the melodies. Alissa is curious to see her audience's reaction and feedback on this track, because of how different it is to her usual stuff and she would like to see how it affects her Identity as an artist in the eyes and from the ears of a listener. The live Interactive platform Alissa is setting up soon with give clearer suggestions to this element.  


Lollipop (Freestyle Outro )

Track 4
Alissa Janine - Lollipop (Freestyle Outro)

'Lollipop' is an energetic, hype track, and the only track on the EP to have very little to no elements of pop in it. Composed and written by Alissa Janine, produced by 'Diamond Style', It is purely a 'trap' track, with the highlight being the 'freestyle' or Alissa's rap verse which she recorded in one take until the end. Alissa tried to step out of her comfort zone and record her rap verse in one go, to showcase the ability of switching rap flows and languages in (recorded) real time.The rap verse is written by Alissa in English and in German, with trendy elements in the lyrics e.g. "His game A1, like his Air Force sneakers". The second experimental factor of this freestyle Outro track is the element of ghost writing introduced. Even though at first Alissa wanted to find a ghost writer who could write an entire track for her, Alissa thought this new idea of just letting the chorus be ghost written can still be impactful and interesting to investigate, therefore Alissa contacted her friend who has experience ghost writing with the artist name 'Arnie', to write a short and simple hook for her freestyle track. Arnie composed the lines on the spot and didn't even send the lyrics over, since they were that repetitive and short, he sung them over the phone quickly, While Alissa jotted them down. He added by saying that many ear bug, catchy tracks had these elements. "Sweet like a lollipop, drop that down, sweeter than a candy cane, drop that down, drop that down" were the ghost written lyrics for the chorus Arnie quickly composed. 

The Presentation of the EP

Alissa has collaborated with 'LOVEFM Radio Thailand 107FM MHz once more, to present 'Bubble Pop' EP to her audience. During the live Facebook discussion session, Alissa discusses key points of each track, the process, ghost writing and more with the help of "Wenonah Soleil" or "Winnie" who translates the questions Mrs. Pond the DJ has asked Alissa into English.


With various questions presented for the purpose of exploration, Mrs. Pond kicks off the session with a simple question of "Why is the EP named Bubble Pop?" Alissa mentions how bubbles have the same textures and visuals, yet may come in different sizes. Like her 4 tracks in the EP, all tracks share their similarities of being Pop inspired in some elements, yet have their own unique story behind the explorational purpose, lyrically, flow wise and more. This resembles bubbles, for Alissa, and hence the name 'Bubble Pop'. 


The live session has interactive audiences who share their thoughts about the topic via the live chat function, and also audiences who join in for Alissa's short live chill performance session of two tracks from the EP. Overall, the presentation of 'Bubble Pop' EP was an explorational adventure that strengthened the artist (Alissa) and her audience's relationship.  

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